Comenius On The Air

Interested in practical theology? Want to learn more? Listen in to our Radio Show on Wednesday mornings form 10 am to noon at radio

We also have a weekly Podcast available from the iTunes Store. The podcast includes the same content as the weekly radio show and is available here.

Comenius is also featured in radio interviews from time to time. You can find those episodes on our Radio Shows and Interviews page


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The Comenius Institute is a Christian educational institute that will engage in the teaching-learning craft. In doing so, the organization will encourage study, discussion, research, and collaboration of students and scholars in the pursuit of theological truth with academic excellence. The Institute may present relevant materials for discussion through lecturers, guest speakers, authors, resident scholars, and students. It may facilitate the learning process through small group dynamics, mentoring relationships, and open forum discussion. It is the hope of Comenius to provide a place for learners to engage in spiritual-intellectual growth in an environment that encourages study, reflection, curiosity, discourse and collaboration through the in-depth pursuit of wisdom.

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