Faith on Campus

We’re Ready. Are You?

Each year Christians fill the seats of secular institutions. What will they say to their professors? Will peers mock them? Comenius trains people to apply theological foundations to any course of study. Our workshops give you the tools to answer with confidence. Invite us to share to equip your youth and adults. The news each day paints a picture of what students may face. Is that the reality? Let us come alongside you. Be ready!

We Offer More Than You Expect

The Comenius Institute is a Christian educational institute that will engage in the teaching-learning craft. In doing so, the organization will encourage study, discussion, research, and collaboration of students and scholars in the pursuit of theological truth with academic excellence. The Institute may present relevant materials for discussion through lecturers, guest speakers, authors, resident scholars, and students. It may facilitate the learning process through small group dynamics, mentoring relationships, and open forum discussion. It is the hope of Comenius to provide a place for learners to engage in spiritual-intellectual growth in an environment that encourages study, reflection, curiosity, discourse and collaboration through the in-depth pursuit of wisdom.


How can our student meet you?

Connecting is simple. Click here to send us an E-mail.

Do you only work with students at IUPUI?

No, we will connect with students on other campuses if invited to do a workshop or training. However, we are currently spending and investing time primarily with students and IUPUI. We would like to expand to working at Butler, UIndy, and other Indy campuses.

What training do you offer?

Glad you asked! We are glad to share transcendent truth wherever we can. Churches and organizations are welcome to invite us to teach. In addition to topics that prepare students for school, we offer a plethora of options. Let’s talk about what you need. We have experts in many areas. Topics include many of the ones in our video series. A popular seminar is our series on practical movie watching. It’s really about any topic in life and how we view it with a Judeo-Christian worldview.

How does IUPUI view Comenius?

Currently, the decision of the Comenius board is to remain separate from the rules and regulations that campus organizations are subject to obey. We meet informally at lunch and with students in common areas. There is no prescribed worship service or format. The purpose is to individually and collectively invest time in the student’s questions that they face that week. It is common to advise students on the theological challenges their coursework may make them face.

Is Comenius a part of a larger organization?

Yes, and no. We are a part of a growing movement of individual think tanks. We are not affiliated with any. Each year our president goes to training at the coalition of these institutes.